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MX Player – This is a media player app for the smartphone users and device holders. It allows them to play video and audio files on the end devices.MX Player App
This is compatible on both Android and IOS handheld smart phone devices. Besides mobiles, this is also compatible on Windows PC. The many high end features of the MX player app gives it a very enriched experience to the users to view their favourite audio and videos. Now enjoy watching movies, songs, TV serials and much more through this. It also reads and edits various types of subtitles in the videos. It supports different type of sub tittle formats. The one main and differentiator ability of this app is that it can support various types of subtitle formats. It is this feature that has made it very popular. The MX player for the Android phone and also the IOS is a freeware that can seamlessly run any video and audio format files taken from the internet cloud. It can run them without or with embedded sub title functionality. All the videos give a high performance when viewed on MX. It includes those taken from the smartphone itself and also from exclusive streaming sites or from normal web sites. Everything is on par when it goes through MX. It is a very popular one at that and till date has seen almost 50 million plus installations. Life without the Smartphone is almost unthinkable today It is becoming the most all- comprehensive tool. For communication in professional and personal life and for daily leisure and entertainment, it is indispensable. One of the most important aspect of entertainment is video streaming and video watching as well. It is almost similar to the way that TV became a part of life about 25 years back. The media player apps like MX help to make video functionality of the smartphone at its best quality and give a high level of experience. Through the MX player app, now watch complete movies and TV serials on the Android device through video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + , Gala etc. The users can get to see their favorite programs or celebrities in action, news and sports events through sites like YouTube and Facebook. They can also upload and share their own videos. The Xbox live is the most important gateway to round the clock gaming and social media connects and entertainment. Another very popular and raging service is the online gaming subscription, PlayStation live. Now users can get access to this and special tips on gaming through the MX player. The special and cherished moments of life like get- together,functions, reunions and even one’s own pics and videos can be uploaded on the internet to be shared. Another great thing about MX player is that it is tuned to the needs of the very expanding digital world. It supports different types of video formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV, WMV.The app also reads and supports different type of subtitle formats including TXT, VTT, AST,SRT. Another impressive feature of the app is the HW plus decoder. This plays the videos using the inherent MX player’s media framework. It does not rely on stock media framework.It also gives the multi core decoding for better playback and thereby better user experience. It has many gestures for control and desired viewing action on the Android device. This includes the expand to zoom, pinch to zoom, simple and light tap to play, swipe across the smartphone screen to pan the video. There is a secondary menu and the user can go into this in order to get more options. Ease of accessibility of the videos is another functionality of the MX player. All the videos on the Android device is locked within the library at the time of installation. Irrespective of the format, the videos can be viewed and watched through a single application. This means it is format agnostic. The security layer is added through the Kids lock function. This prevents the phone from being damaged by any phone mishandling. It also prevents the phone settings from being changed through any causal child acts of fiddling. The locking can be done by taping on a particular point in the screen. The subtitles of several languages are supported in this app. The best parts is that viewer can change the text properties for a better viewing performance and according to their own likes and manner of viewing. These changes can be done on the size, text, outline and colour. The text size can be changed by pinching and expanding also. It is possible to move to the next text by scrolling forward or backward. It is also the first Android video player that has multi core decoding functionality enabled. It is but obvious that video files will be shared on a constant basis with friends, social group,relations and other well-known acquaintances. The MX app makes it possible to transfer the files on a fast mode with one another. This includes the audio, video files of movies, songs show, news debates and other common interest.If regular users of MX feel the need to change their ad based player into the ad free MX player pro, then it is possible through a one-time payment. They can watch the videos totally uninterrupted using the app’s basic function. The player pro is a donation version of the MX and gives enhanced features on the hardware acceleration and functionalities. Some of the add-ons in the player pro includes an improved background play interface, better Android TV support, added subtitle speed, the A- to B repeat failure, handling of mouse wheel movement (this is on the playback screen) MX player features for India Specific users – This app is very much popular in India and has India specific features for the audience. It has more than 10,000 hours of movie, TV shows, songs, movies, sports, business and political news. India is a country dominated by family TV serials, cricket and the many fast paced news hour debates. Watch all this and more through the MX player. Viewers across the country can use this app since it supports news streaming in 10 different regional languages. There is a perfect mix of originals and exclusives. This includes sagas like – Iam mature , Hey Prabhu, Love OK please, Only for Singles, Thinkistan, Aafat, F Buddies, Flames. The shows from the other production house includes Big Boss and Kapil Sharma Show. About the App – The app has been developed by MX Media and Entertainment (formerly known as J2Interactive) which is a US based app and software solutions company. The current and running version is 1.20.1 and the latest update is of January 2020. The minimum Android requirement is 4.4 and above. The app requires different types of permissions to be given by the smartphone to enable some of its features. If it is to share the files and to get streaming access, then location permission is essential. The Bluetooth is necessary for AV sync. In order to rename and save downloaded files, the read and write external permission storage is necessary. The camera permission is necessary to create one’s own videos and Vibrate in order to give notification to the user.
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